About Us

The word Divasprik in Sanskrit means beyond the sky.

Divasprik Intelligence is an IT solutions and services company that believes the sky is not the limit in terms of how technology can be used to transform human lives. We focus on leveraging technology for the benefit of the common man. We design, build, implement, integrate and support practical solutions that enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency at significantly lower costs. We rely on well-defined processes, industry best practices and innovative thinking to develop breakthrough solutions that leverage emerging technologies to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our job is to stay abreast of evolving technologies, and to harness its power to enable our clients to seize opportunities and respond to market dynamics with speed and agility.


IT for everyone is our vision.


We work with people. We work for people. Our mission is to make life more efficient, more fun, more vibrant, more healthy, and more fulfilling for people around us. We use technology as a tool to achieve this. We believe the benefits that technology can bring must be made available and accessible to the common man. We build solutions that help people do things better, achieve their goals faster, find greater fulfilment in life, and in general feel more proud of being who they are. We create solutions that make a difference in people’s lives. We want to be part of the technology transformation initiative that will drive post-COVID India.


Leveraging Technology to improve Quality of Life.


Putting our hands together for a brighter tomorrow.


Pushing the boundaries of Technology to make life easier.


Helping you to adopt quickly to changes in the market.


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